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Make your tax deductible contribution to help high-achieving students afford common financial barriers in the college application process: application costs, testing fees, and deposit costs.



More low income students are graduating high school than ever before; however, college going rates of low income students have stayed stagnant.  The data is clear: there's an opportunity gap. Low income students are getting lost in the fine print of the college going process.

Many low income students are high achieving and come from hardworking families who struggle to cover day-to-day expenses. Some are homeless, many in the foster system, some parenting younger siblings.  Even when families support collegiate aspirations, many don't have the luxury of supporting a diversified college application portfolio. 

The more applications a student is able to submit, the more likely he or she is to increase college acceptances; the more acceptances, the more financial aid packages to weigh.  The end result is more incentive to complete scholarship applications and, more importantly, to see college as a viable option.

College cannot be something from which their socioeconomic status or family background disqualifies them.

Are you a senior in a California high school? Apply here to qualify for the Fine Print Funding Scholars Program and receive financial support with application costs.

Special thanks to our corporate donors!

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