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The heart of our company.


To ensure that high-achieving high school students in under-served San Diego communities have equal opportunity to engage in the college application process by removing financial barriers that limit access.

To empower young people in under-served communities and combat inequality in the American education system by providing financial support to increase post-secondary opportunities

Individual Empowerment:

We value all voices and stakeholders in company decisions.



We strive to educate ourselves so that we are progressive change agents who incorporate cultural responsiveness into daily interactions in order to celebrate diversity, foster inclusivity, and engage authentically with people of all genders, races, ages, religions, and identities.


Growth Mindset:

We operate from a place of humility and intentionally reflect on choices and data to improve future outcomes.


Passionate Focus:

We keep our mission at the forefront of all actions and choices, joyfully celebrating success stories of students, partners, and employees.





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